Bengal Society’s gorgeous picnic in New York

Published: ০৯/০৭/২১

The Bengal Society of New York’s grand annual picnic has been held at Berth Peach State Park in Long Island, New York. On Sunday (July 4), local time, the members of the Bengal Society organized a banquet with their families in a joyous atmosphere.

Former Member of Parliament Liaquat Ali was present as the chief guest at the banquet. Kazi Nayan, Presidential Candidate of Bangladesh Society, Md. Ali, General Secretary of Bangladesh Society, Md. Soleman Ali, Duke, Secretary of Expatriate Affairs of United States Awami League, Masud Siraji, Senior Co-President of Chittagong Association, Syed Morshed Rezvi Chowdhury, President of Jatiya Party were present as special guests. Haji Abdur Rahman, Poet Abdur Shahid, Law Society Attorney Md. Ali Babul, Attorney Rafi, The family of Bengal Society seems to have enjoyed an Eid because after spending 18 months at home in Corona, sitting under the green tree of Long Island, competing in sports, In the morning, members of the Bengal Society, family members and guests entered the park one by one with their cars. Guests are served breakfast with barbecue, boiled eggs and banana bread. After the distribution of watermelons, the little boys and girls started playing. After 2 pm, a variety of dishes with local flavors are served at lunch. Everyone present finished the happy lunch. Then the women’s sports competition started. In the afternoon, raw mango chutney, jhalmuri and tea are served. Expatriate artist Shahnaz Parul, Roxana Haider performed music. Prizes are distributed to the winners of sports competitions. In particular, 15 interesting raffle draws were held. Mahmudur Haque Chowdhury, President of the Bengal Society, Md. Ali Sabuj, General Secretary, Borhan Khan, Treasurer and Abu Taleb Chowdhury, Chief Coordinator of the Bengal Society worked tirelessly to organize the banquet. At the end, President Mahmudur Haque Chowdhury thanked all the guests and Chief Coordinator Abu Taleb Chowdhury Chandur thanked everyone for their cooperation and announced the end of the banquet. At 6:00 pm, everyone returned to their respective destinations from Barth Peach State Park on Long Island, singing hymns.


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