Holiday in garment factory on 18th July with salary-bonus

Published: ১৩/০৭/২১

The holy Eid-ul-Azha will be celebrated across the country on July 21. With this in mind, all offices and courts will be closed. There will be a public holiday (July 20-22) for three days. On the other hand, workers in the garment sector, which provides 64 per cent of the country’s export earnings, have been on leave since July 16. Before the start of their official holiday, their continuous holiday will continue till July 20.

Basically, the workers have been given a series of holidays so that they can observe Eid at home in accordance with the hygiene rules. The garment owners-exporters’ association BGMEA and BKMEA’s multi-member factory owners have confirmed this information.

On the other hand, on the occasion of the upcoming Eid-ul-Azha, the workers’ organizations have called for paying the salary bonus to the workers by July 15. And the owner says that the ready-made garment factory has already started paying salaries. The owners will pay the salary by July 15 and the bonus by July 19. Although not a government decision, the employers are paying the workers’ salaries and bonuses on their own initiative.

BKMEA vice-president Fazle Shamim Ehsan said, “We want our workers to be safe.” They will observe Eid with the family according to the hygiene rules, this is what we want. I will give leave to the factory from July 18 so that the workers do not go home in groups. ‘

Regarding the salary-bonus, the workers’ organizations say that it is seen in every Eid festival that the owners create problems with the salary-bonus. Even on these days the workers have to stay in the factory for salary-bonus. In this regard, Prakash Dutt, General Secretary of Bangladesh OSK Garments and Textile Workers Federation, said, “We will be called to pay full salary-bonus to all factories by July 15.” Many factories are talking about paying salary-bonus on 18/19. As a result, it will be seen that the employers will make the salary bonus of the workers uncertain by talking about the trouble of the bank. ‘

Fazle Shamim Ehsan, a garment entrepreneur and managing director (MD) of Fatullah Apparel, said, “Payments in garment factories started last week. Most factory owners have stopped paying salaries and now they are thinking of giving bonuses. Hopefully, before the factory holiday, all the workers will be able to celebrate Eid with their families with salary-bonus.

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