Traffic jam at Brahmanbaria on Dhaka-Sylhet highway

Published: ১৪/০৭/২১

The damaged deck slab of Langalbandh Bridge between Kanchpur and Meghna Bridge on the Dhaka-Chittagong Highway is in operation due to repair. As a result, the pressure has increased on the Dhaka-Sylhet and Comilla-Sylhet highways. Due to the repair of the bridge, there has been severe traffic jam on the Dhaka-Sylhet and Comilla-Sylhet highways. Heavy traffic jams have been reported in the Ashuganj section of Brahmanbaria since Tuesday morning. As of the writing of this report on Wednesday afternoon, there has been severe traffic jam on at least 50 km of the Brahmanbaria section of the Comilla-Sylhet highway due to heavy traffic.

Khantihata Highway Police Station OC Mohammad Shahjalal Alam said the damaged deck slab of the Langalbandh bridge between Kanchpur and Meghna bridges on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway was being repaired. For this reason, vehicles ply only on one side of the bridge from 8 am to 10 pm on Tuesday. The road department has said that all traffic on the Langalband bridge will be completely closed from 10 pm to 3 pm on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, due to the severe traffic jam, the drivers of hundreds of vehicles are getting stuck in the traffic jam for hours with their products. Aminul Islam, a truck driver from Dhaka to Feni, said he had been stuck in a traffic jam for 10 hours. The cows need food. Otherwise you will get sick. Allai knows best when to reach the destination.

Brahmanbaria city traffic police SI Atiqul Islam Shimul said the traffic on the Comilla-Brahmanbaria highway has increased due to the repair work of the Langalband bridge in Nayanganj. Traffic jams are being created in different places. They are struggling day and night to control the traffic. However, the concerned people of the road department are hoping that the situation will be normal when the repair work of the bridge is completed at 3 pm today.

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