23-km long tailback on Dhaka-Tangail Highway

Published: ১৭/০৭/২১

A 23-km long traffic tail has been created on Dhaka-Tangail Highway, resulting in the extreme suffering of passengers and drivers. The 23-km traffic tail was created on Dhaka-Bangabandhu East Bridge Highway on Friday night. The tailback was seen on the highways of Bangabandhu East Bridge, Elenga, Rabna Bypass area in Taingail.

After talking to drivers, passengers, and locals, it was learned that the pressure of the vehicles has increased several times due to lockdown relaxation and Eid, resulting in the 23-km tailback at the Tangail part of the highway. Besides, there is a slow movement of vehicles from Bangabandhu East Bridge to Sirajganj road.

Meanwhile, the authorities stopped collecting toll on Bangabandhu Bridge for two hours at night and twice in the morning due to long traffic tails on both sides of the bridge. Several drivers stuck in traffic said they had to get stuck in traffic on the highway from Tangail’s Rabna Bypass to Bangabandhu Bridge East. “It has become normal on this route,” they added.

Yasir Arafat, in-charge of the Elenga Highway police outpost, said there was more than three times as much traffic on the highway. As the traffic has increased, the traffic congestion caused by the extension work of the highway in the part of Sirajganj has come to a halt in Tangail. The vehicles cannot cross the bridge easily.


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