After a long 22 years, Shamim Osman at Mayor Ivy’s house

Published: ২৭/০৭/২১

After a long 22 years, Narayanganj City Corporation Mayor Selina Hayat Ivy went to the house of Narayanganj-4 MP Shamim Osman. At that time Shamim Osman spent some time there comforting Ivy. On Tuesday (July 26), Shamim Osman went to his Deobhog’s house, Chunka Kutir, at around 5:15 pm Earlier in the afternoon, he visited the grave of Mayor Ivy’s mother Mamtaz Begum at Narayanganj City Corporation Central Cemetery in Masdair and offered prayers.

Upon entering Ivy’s house, Ivy’s two brothers and the late chairman of the defunct Narayanganj Municipality, Ali Ahmed Chunkar’s two sons Ahmed Ali Reza Ujjwal and Ali Reza Ripon were consoled. He prayed that God would give them the patience to endure this grief. Sitting next to Ivy, Shamim Osman said, Aunty was a very good person, she was God-fearing. We must now pray for her and walk in such a way that their souls find peace. I am also an orphan. I understand how difficult it is to be an orphan at any age.

At that time Ivy said, next Saturday after Asr prayers and Milad you will come to our mosque. Later, Shamim Osman told the leaders and workers of Awami League, Juba League, Chhatra League, Swechchhasebak League, Sramik League, Krishak League and other affiliated organizations of the party that he would come here on Saturday wearing aunty’s mask. Earlier, after visiting the grave, Shamim Osman told reporters that the dead man had no identity. I personally think I should have come here earlier. But you know my wife is very seriously ill. Today you are in a little better condition with the blessings of all of you. I pray for him first.

Shamim Osman said, “I remember Ali Ahmed’s uncle’s wife.” When I became the first MP in 1996, Jamir Ahmed Jamu Bhai took me and told me to name the road in front of their house after Uncle Ali Ahmed. I said it was our good fortune. I immediately named it. Then I went to Ali Ahmed’s uncle’s house. His wife is like my mother. She loved her child as much as a mother loves her child. He was a man of God. We don’t have anything for him. The way I pray for my mother. I pray for everyone who is lying here. May Allah grant him Paradise.

He said Ali Ahmed uncle has 5 sons and daughters. The one who loses understands how difficult it is to be an orphan, no matter what age it is. It is understood only when the parents leave. I myself am an orphan. May Allah grant them the grace to bear the suffering of the orphans. I sympathize with them. Let them walk in the way that their parents find peace. May we all worship in such a way that our former men find peace.

“I have been in a very bad condition for the last three days,” he added. My wife is still bedridden. By the grace of God, I hope you will be healed by the prayers of the people. The one who left was like my mother. We are his children. It is our moral duty to go to his house and show sympathy.

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