Helena Jahangir hands over to Gulshan thana

Published: ৩১/০৭/২১

Members of Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) have handed over businessperson turned politician Helena Jahangir, who recently lost membership of the Awami League’s sub-committee on women’s affairs for “breaching party policies”, to Gulshan police station. She was handed over at 5.45 pm on Friday, said a responsible source of RAB. Earlier, RAB said at a press conference held at its headquarters over the arrest and filing of a case against Helena Jahangir.

Director of RAB’s Legal and Media Wing Commander Khandaker Al Moin briefed reporters at the conference. Referring to the interrogation, he said that Helena Jahangir was addressed as a grandson by Austrian expatriate Sefuda. Helena Jahangir had regular contact with Sefuda. She also had transactions with Sefuda. According to the interrogation, Sefuda tried to attract the attention of the people through obscene and vulgar remarks on social media.

Khandaker Al Moin said that Helena Jahangir tried to identify herself as ‘Mother Teresa’, ‘Pallimata’ and ‘Prabasimata’ through subterfuge. For this, she used Jayayatra Foundation as a shield. Under her patronage, a clique was used to spread false titles. “Helena used to collect money in the name of Jayatra Foundation from various local and foreign organizations and individuals. Which was used more in the promotion of her title than in humanitarian aid. Helena used to implement her own agenda by being involved with various social organizations. She is also a member of 12 clubs,” Khandaker Al Moin added.

Earlier, Imran Hossain, assistant director of the RAB’s law and media wing, said Helena Jahangir had been arrested on charges of using digital platforms to spread lies, propaganda and misleading information to discredit important state institutions and individuals. He is being prosecuted under the Digital Security Act. ASP Imran also said that a separate case would be filed in connection with the recovery of drugs, foreign currency and wildlife skins.


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