Notice to stop kissing in front of the house

Published: ০২/০৮/২১

A ‘No Kissing Zone’ notice has been hung outside a residential area in Mumbai, India. Because the residents of that residential area have objections about kissing in public.

Residents of the area complain that couples come and sit outside every evening. Then there are various ‘obscenities’. Residents have decided to give notice as they do not want to see such a scene in front of the house. The name of the residential area is Satyam Shivam Sundaram Society. News of Anandabazar. The society has said that they are not against love in any way. They are against pornography.

Residents said the couple came here by car or bike in the evening from the time of the lockdown. Then begins their storytelling, which at one stage takes the form of intimacy. This is why the notification has been posted. They claim that the situation has improved since the notification was issued. Since then, the couple has been coming, but without kissing, they are standing in front of the notice and taking selfies.

Binoy Anushkar, a lawyer for the residential society, said, “We just forbade kissing in that place.” We are not against lovers, nor are we against making love. We pleaded many times not to kiss intimately. This step has been taken as it did not work in the end.

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