That Aruk Munshi is the leader of a few such groundbreaking organizations

Published: ০৩/০৮/২১

The so-called Aruk Munshi, who was well-received by Bangabandhu, is now the leader of several Bhuifor organizations. He has uploaded videos on his Facebook ID to write the identity of all these organizations and to give speeches on the stage at different times as the leader of the organization. Besides, an interview of Aruk Munshi, who has captured a lot of Bangabandhu on Helena Jahangir’s illegal Jayatra IP TV, has now spread through social media.

It can be seen by reviewing the interview. Helena Jahangir is strategically questioning him to put him in Bangabandhu’s seat and is asking him to meet the Hon’ble Prime Minister. The real home of Aruk Munshi, who claimed a house in Kashiani of Gopalganj, is in Charsachail village of Lohagara upazila of Narail. This address has been used according to his voter ID card information. Aruk Munshi was made a ‘living image of Bangabandhu’ by some media a few years ago. Since then, he has taken pictures of Bangabandhu with various people and made numerous videos on the media Facebook YouTube claiming to look like Bangabandhu. Most of which are camp channels.

Bangabandhu seemed to be the one who presented himself in such a way. Through social media, there have been countless storms of opinion against him. He did not stop even after the Gopalganj district Awami League banned him from cheating with Bangabandhu in an official letter. With Mujib on the court, Bangabandhu was busy all day taking pictures with the leaders. A few days ago he gave a status from his own Facebook ID. He wrote that he had no connection with Nur Mohammad Siraj alias Lytton, a cadre of Durdarsh ​​Shibir.

Nur Mohammad Siraj Liton, Master Mind of the 2013 sabotage. Rocky Rodwa, who was captured by the RAB, is a loyal man. Jamaat leader Sayedee’s release and war criminal Nizami’s son had a secret meeting with the conspirators Rocky Barua, Nur Mohammad Siraj alias Liton. Bangabandhu had a deep relationship with Aruk Munshi. It is a matter of wondering who helped this Aruk Munshi to make a picture of Bangabandhu on the channel and meet senior officials at Ganobhaban, the homes of national leaders, the police and the RAB. Aruk Munshi used to keep in touch with Liton properly? After Liton’s incident was leaked, he went into hiding and the matter came to a head.

Aruk Munshi’s real aim was to help take them to the side of Bangabandhu’s daughter, the chain of command of a conspiracy. Rocky Barua – Siraj alias Liton Arukan Munshi – Aruk Munshi is a living image of Bangabandhu in the background. What is the secret of his phone conversation with Jamaat leader Liton? This question has been asked by many through social media. Many people said that this Aruk Munshi could easily go to the people in the guise of Bangabandhu. The real purpose was to provide information to the Jamaat leader Shibir cadres and a secret conspiracy.

At present, he has also become a leader by opening various Bhuifor organizations. Many people have requested to bring him under the law for cheating all these Bhuifor organizations and Bangabandhu. There are allegations against him that he himself was a little driver. After losing his job due to corruption, Bangabandhu now owns a lot of wealth. Although the house of the so-called Aruk Munshi was not Gopalganj, he identified it as Gopalganj Bari. His childhood friends all say that he could never be seen like Bangabandhu. He has made himself look like Bangabandhu by adopting this very special method.

Various allegations were also found against him in his village home. There are various posts and comments about Aruk Munshi through social media. Most of them claim that he is disrespecting Bangabandhu by pretending to be Bangabandhu. Bangabandhu is one. No one else will come like him. He had a close relationship with Aruk Munshi after the recent arrest of the controversial Helena Jahangir, as evidenced by watching her interview on Jayatra Television.

Many people think that it is necessary to find out the real secret of Aruk Munshi by arresting him. Many Gopalganj district Awami League leaders said the man had been persuaded long ago. Experienced quarters have requested the law enforcement agencies to find out what Kiki did by exploiting Bangabandhu’s emotions.

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