Police fail to track down Dr Shabira’s killer in two months

Published: ০৩/০৮/২১

Using modern technologies, the law enforcing agencies are getting success in solving mysterious cases, but neither technology nor traditional way of investigation is working to solve the case filed over Dr Shabira Rahman’s murder. Two months have passed since Dr Shabira’s body was recovered from a flat in Kalabagan first lane on 31 May. The victims’ brother Razaul Houqe filed the case with Kalabagan police station in this regard, but no one has been arrested in this connection yet.

As the investigators of Kalabagan police station failed to solve the murder case, it has recently been transferred to the Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) from the local police station, Shahen Sha, additional deputy commissioner of Ramna zone, told The Business Standard. Pritosh Chandro, officer-in-charge of Kalabagan police station, told TBS, “We are investigating the case by taking into consideration all aspects including her family and professional matters. Police have already interrogated some suspects and taken their statements. The statements are being scrutinised.”

Asked about the motive behind the murder, the Pritosh Chandro said, “We are still working to solve the case. I am not able to disclose about the murder right now.” Aminur Rahman, inspector of the PBI, told TBS, “The PBI has been given the charge of the murder case, but we have not received the case formally.” Police have already interrogated at least 25 people including the building’s security guard and two subletters living in Shabira’s flat, but they did not get any clue from them.

Meanwhile, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police continued the shadow investigation, but they are also in darkness about the murder. According to the CID sources, Shabira was murdered in a planned manner. The person who planned the murder can be someone who lives in abroad and he carried out the killing through a professional killer.  According to the investigators, Dr Shabira, who worked at the Green Life Medical Hospital, rented the flat last January. After a month, she sublet two rooms to Kanis Suborna, a model, and Nurjahan, a private university student.

When Shabira was murdered, Nurjahan was at her village home in Gopalganj, but Kanis Suborna was staying in the flat. The police interrogated both of them but they did not get any clue. Kanis Suborna claimed that she went outside for jogging and when she came back, smoke was coming out from a room in the flat. When she informed the security guards, they informed the police and fire service. Later, the police recovered Shabira’s body from the room. Investigators said, after her first husband died, Shabira married Shamsuddin Azad. She has a son and daughter, but she lived alone in the flat.

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