The soil came out on Kuakata beach

Published: ০৪/০৮/২১

The sand of Kuakata beach is being washed away by the waves of the Bay of Bengal. The soil layer has come out. Threats include tourism parks, mosques, temples, tourist police boxes, public toilets and forests. Kuakata National Park, a tourist recreation center, has been hit the hardest by the rough seas. At present, the 18 km long beach has become completely uninhabitable.

Meanwhile, before the onset of the monsoon season, the Water Development Board has worked to protect the beach by filling sand in geotube bags on the east and west sides of Zero Point. The cost of this work is estimated at 3 crore 63 lakh rupees. But it is not working. The beach is being damaged by the waves of the rough sea. The situation is such that the sand is eroding the beach in the rush of normal waves. But Paubo authorities say the sand has come out as the bag has been torn due to public movement. According to local sources, the beach has been washed away by the waves in the past, various structures including Jhaoban, Narikel Kunj, Talbagan, Shalban have been destroyed.

Hundreds of small shops have been washed away. The residential hotel near the beach has disappeared. Meanwhile, the Gangamati and Kuakata National Parks, including the protected forest, have been affected by the rough seas. And the big waves of the sea are crashing on the beach. As a result, the sand is being washed away. The soil layer has come out. Local resident said. Hannan said that the height of the bag is less than the height of the water so there is no way to stop the water. The Water Development Board has worked day by day to protect the beach. As a result, there is no benefit.

Kuakata journalist Md. Anwar Hossain Anu said a master plan is needed to protect the beach. Kuakata Municipal Mayor Anwar Hossain Hawlader said the Kuakata Municipal Council has no budget to protect the beach. He said the Groin Dam should be built to protect the beach.

Md. Halim Salehi, Executive Engineer, Kalapara Water Development Board, said that the higher authorities have visited the ground to protect Kuakata beach. However, it has been decided to provide some geo-bags to protect the beach on the east side. I have sent a permanent project. He told reporters that the work will start when it is delayed.

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