Blackmail scoundrel arrested for containing pornographic videos

Published: ২৪/০৮/২১

In Barisal’s Agailjhara, the people of the area arrested a scoundrel while trying to commit immoral acts by recording an obscene video of his expatriate wife and handed him over to the police. According to police sources, the wife of an expatriate from Bhalukshi village in Rajihar union of the upazila was talking to her husband in a video call on Sunday night.

Meanwhile, Monir Bepari (35), son of Hanif Bepari of Dumuria village, recorded the video of the couple on his mobile phone. At one point, Bakhate Monir showed the video to the housewife and offered to do immoral things with her. When the housewife objected, Bakhate Monir threatened her.

At one stage, when the housewife informed the people, the locals came forward and arrested Bakhate Monir and called the police emergency service 999. On hearing the news, SI Ali Hossain of Agailjhara police station went to the spot on Monday evening and brought Bakhate Monir to the police station. The housewife did not want to lodge any complaint with the police station in the incident.

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