Bangladesh ranks 1st in the world for breastfeeding

Published: ২৪/০৮/২১

Bangladesh has ranked first place in the world in mothers’ assistance to breastfeeding their child.
World Breastfeeding Trends Initiative (WBTi) has published this in a list. Bangladesh topped the list with a score of 91.5 out of 98 countries in the world. The first three countries of South Asia are on the top list. Apart from Bangladesh, the other two countries are Sri Lanka and Afghanistan.

WBTI gives countries the status of “red, yellow, blue and green” codes based on 10 indicators and programs. Sri Lanka is in the 2nd position with a score of 91. Both Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have got the status of green codes. Afghanistan is in the 3rd position with 89 scores – got the status of blue code.

According to WBTi, the index includes 7 points for national policies, programs and coordination, 8 points for child-friendly hospital efforts, 9 for international code implementations, 8.5 for maternal protection, 9 for health and nutrition care, 9 for maternal support and community involvement, 10 for information assistance, 10 for newborn feeding and HIV, 10 for feeding the newborn in emergency and 10 points for monitoring and evaluation.

The top 10 countries are – Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Cuba, Gambia, Bolivia, Turkey, El Salvador, Niger and Kenya. Libya is at the bottom of the list with 19 points. Neighboring India ranks 79th. WBTi Global Coordinator Arun Gupta said this achievement of Bangladesh is the result of efforts since 2005. Bangladesh has achieved this score based on the formulation of policies and activities on infant and young child feeding.

Arun Gupta also mentioned that this achievement is a reflection of the “high-level commitment” of the government towards the health and nutrition of mothers and children led by the Prime Minister of Bangladesh.

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