Unable to place flowers at Bangabandhu’s grave, he jumped off the Padma Bridge

Published: ১৬/০৮/২২

Nuruzzaman, 38, jumped off the Padma Bridge after opening the door of a moving private car. He jumped from the Padma Bridge on Monday afternoon but could not be found in the river till 12:30 am. Nuruzzaman’s house is in Kanchpur area of Sonargaon police station in Narayanganj. He works in a garment company in Demra area of Dhaka.

Nuruzzaman jumped into a river at Tungipara in Gopalganj on The National Mourning Day as he could not place flowers at the grave of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Omar Faruk, who was next to Nuruzzaman in the car, said, “Nuruzzaman had a relationship with me for about four years. He is not associated with any political party. However, he loved Sheikh Mujibur Rahman very much.

He lived in a rented house with his wife and two daughters in Kanchpur area. While staying on the bridge before jumping, Nuruzzaman was talking by turning on his video on his mobile. He was saying that he loved Sheikh Mujib and could not give flowers, so he was suffering.

Omar Faruk also said that they left for Gopalganj from Kanchpur area of Narayanganj at 7 am and reached Tungipara at 10:30 am. Then he stayed there for two hours and tried to give flowers. But they could not give flowers as they did not have any card. Then he left for home from there. The car was moving at a low speed during its stay on the bridge. Then Nuruzzaman asked to stop the car. When the car did not stop, he opened the door without saying anything and jumped off the bridge. Then they called 999 and informed about the matter.

Police said a man jumped off the Padma Bridge. We haven’t found him yet. Asked if he jumped off the bridge as he could not place flowers at bangabandhu’s grave, he said, “I don’t have any such information.

Another policeman said Nuruzzaman had hired a private car to go to Tungipara on Sunday night. He went to Tungipara with a person named Omar Faruk in the morning. But they were turned away from there as they did not have a permit card to give flowers. Then on the way back through the Padma Bridge, he opened the door of the moving car and jumped.

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