Tea workers continue their strike

Published: ২৩/০৮/২২

The tea workers are still protesting in Sylhet and Habiganj demanding a daily wage of Tk 300. Meanwhile, the leaders of the tea workers are holding a strike in most of the gardens. On the assurance of the Prime Minister, the workers of some tea state in Sylhet joined work yesterday, but many of them were not seen on Tuesday.

The labor leaders said, the labor leaders of the valley will sit in a meeting in Sylhet today. They said, the next program of the movement will be decided in the meeting.

The workers of Habiganj claim they will not join the work unless they get a wage of 300 taka. On Monday night, the workers of 24 gardens of Habiganj did not join the work even though they gave a letter to join the work at the previous wages.

Earlier, in a meeting on Sunday night, it was decided to join the work with a salary of 120 taka. After rejecting this proposal, a part of the workers are continuing the strike again.

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